Yizumi D1

Innovative Two-platen Injection Moulding Machine

Standard features

  • High response servo system allows for efficient operation & fast response.
  • Professional control system from KEBA
  • Compact footprint for tonnage
  • Fast cycle times compared to three platen machines
  • Dual proportional valve controlled clamping unit offers stability & repeatability
  • Highly rigid design allows for precise control of the moving platen

D1 Series Overview

The D1 Series dual platen machine from Yizumi has been developed to meet the demands of the white goods, automotive and deep cavity parts sectors of the industry.  Using many years of experience gained with the highly accurate DP Series machine, the D1 is an efficient introduction to large tonnage moulding machines.  Many of the design features have been implemented to ensure a reliable, stable and quick cycle can be achieved.

A variation of only ± 0.2mm means high accuracy allowing for automated part removal

Compared to comparable sized toggle lock machines, mould movements can be up to 55% faster

Low pressure mould protection means greater sensitivity.

Excellent repeatability of part weight means dependable quality, helping to save material and costs.

These machines are not exactly small, but compared to three platen machines of similar tonnage they make efficient use of the space.

With a variate of <3% of the lock across the tie-bars, the mould closing is highly accurate which means less flash and excellent repeatability.

As with all Yizumi machines supplied by STV Machinery, the D1 series comes with the Austrian manufactured KEBA controller.  This professional and dependable system is easy to use and well supported.  It also offers the precise control necessary for these large machines.

The servo drives offers fast response, strong power and extremely low energy consumption.  The D1 series has a fully oil-cooled two-headed motor.

High-rigidity ‘L’ shaped guide rails on the machine frame offer precision of up to 0.05mm, facilitating fast and steady movement of the platens.

The tie-bars are specially treated making them resistant to wear and corrosion.