Why is this service free?

STV Machinery offers this service completely free of charge in an effort to reduce waste and support our industry.  We’re fortunate that we speak to many people within the industry and we’re often asked to help move equipment on.  Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the time to help move on a single hopper loader or dryer (for example), so we created this service to help.  With no involvement from us we can ‘connect’ buyers and sellers.  If someone looks at our products and services while they’re on the site, then all the better.

It does still take time and money to keep the site running but we think it’s worth it.  We won’t ask for any contributions to us directly but see below for another way to compensate us for our efforts;

Charitable Contributions


Thames Valley Air AmbulanceAs our service is completely free we often get asked if we would accept some sort of payment for our time.  It is an amazing gesture and we thank you for the kind offer, however, we would much prefer for you to support our chosen charity; Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

If you would like to say thank you to us via a charitable contribution, please follow the link below and help save lives.


Thank you