STV Machinery – We’re a short diversion away from the M1

Interplas UK – Are we missing out?

Interplas UK – the biggest date in the UK plastics processors diary kicks off on Tuesday and STV Machinery will not have a stand. 

Do we hate exhibitions?  Do we think they are a waste of time?  Do we think they are too expensive?

Did we forget it was on?  –  Well, not unless we’d been locked in a plastic box for the last year.

No, to all the above.  We love exhibitions.  It’s a great way to meet people and we’re happy to invest in this.

The truth of the matter in this case was timing.  We’ve recently launched our new range of Yizumi injection moulding machines into the UK market.  To be able to bring one of these little beauties to Interplas would have been an excellent opportunity for us to introduce everyone to their features and benefits.

Unfortunately, it was not until the last minute that we were confident a machine would be available for display.  During this time the Interplas organisers’ sales team have done an exceptional job at disposing of every space which would have met our requirements.  We debated it and decided processors wouldn’t think much of a couple of pictures and a jar of sweets, it had to be the real thing.  So we’re sitting this one out.

Yes, we are missing out.  However, the good news is… there is an open invitation for you to come and see Yizumi and us at our showroom whenever suits you.  In fact, if you’re coming from the South to visit Interplas, we’re only a 15 minute diversion (a nice little map is below for you).  Just give us a call (01933 272747), so we can put the kettle on, or email us [email protected]

We hope Interplas is a showcase for our industry and wish visitors and exhibitors alike a good show.  See you soon!