Trade & Save scheme

Using old machinery is not saving you money; it is costing you more to run your processes and placing your business at a permanent cost disadvantage to competitors.

Quote from a practical guide to energy saving by Mobil.

With our unique trade-in scheme and energy efficient Yizumi machines, it is easier & more cost effective than ever before to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint and improve efficiency.  Swap out an old, unreliable, leaky, noisy, power hungry machine for a modern, quiet and super-efficient Yizumi.

The details in brief;

  • For a limited time, we’ll offer you 10% of the value of a new Yizumi machine for your old (but working) machine. For a 160T machine, this would mean an offer of at least £4,490 for an old machine – way above scrap!
  • Brand new Yizumi machine supplied with energy efficient servo drive system with warranty and full UK support.
  • Our own tests delivered an energy saving of 83% = pretty decent saving when considered against your annual electricity spend!
  • Use the trade-in cash as a deposit for finance and you can have a brand new machine in place for a lot less than you might have thought.

No catch, it’s a nice win-win scenario.

Genuinely, no catch.  It’s a win-win.  Our unique refurbishment service for older machinery allows us to maximise the value of any machine taken in, we can either refurbish an old machine to sell on or strip for parts – this retained value allows us to pass on a saving to our customers.  We’re passing on this saving by way of our own trade-in scheme, allowing customers to reduce their carbon footprint and do our bit to protect the reputation of the plastics industry.

How much energy could I save?

A great question with official answers ranging from 20 – 85%!  Realistically, it depends on how the new machine is used.  Our 83% energy saving was witnessed in-house with our own experiment where we compared two machines.  You can find out much more about this experiment by clicking here.

In our experiment, the Yizumi required 1.68kW per hour, the older machine required 10.35kW per hour.  A difference of 8.67kW per hour at the industry average charge of 13 pence per KWh mean an hourly saving of £1.13p – How many hours a week do you run?

What’s the deal with finance?

We work with a number of finance houses who can offer some great deals.  Sticking with a 60T machine as an example.  A deposit of 10% would be required (old machine can take care of that), monthly payment over 5 years approx. £600 (depending on circumstances of course).  Consider that if you run 50 hours a week and are saving £1.13 per hour, your monthly energy saving could be as high as £226, meaning a brand new machine is only costing £374 a month.  Once the finance is paid off, you’re into generous savings.

Get an approximate online finance quote by clicking here.

What else do I need to know?

  • The old machine must be capable of running a cycle.
  • The replacement machine must be within 50% the clamp size of the old machine. e. replace a 200T machine with a new Yizumi of 100T – 300T clamp force.
  • Offer only applies to A5 series machine from Yizumi.
  • The full deposit required must be paid with a purchase order, the trade in value will be refunded before delivery of a new machine, unless the order is cancelled.
  • All trade in deals are at the discretion of STV Machinery.

The quotation given at the top of this page is from ‘A practical guide to energy saving by Mobil’.  You can view and download this guide below.