Yizumi UN260 A5 Moulding Machine

As part of expansion of our Moulding Department, we faced the need for acquiring a new Moulding Cell.
After in-depth analysis of the market and obtaining multiple recommendations from various companies,
the choice was made to purchase a Yizumi UN260 A5 Moulding Machine.

Machine was supplied by STV Machinery Ltd. and we have been using it for about 2 years, now.
This equipment normally runs 24 Hours per Day, 5 Days a week.
It moulds plastic components for the Automotive Industry.

Since Day 1, we have been absolutely amazed with the levels of performance and accuracy of Yizumi UN260 A5.
So far, it outperforms our other moulding machines. These are a lot older, though. So, we will see how it goes,
moving forward and if Yizumi is able to retain all of her attributes.

In 2 years of operation, we have only experienced one problem.
Few months ago, a Drive Unit for Servo Motor stopped working. The Drive Control Module would not power ON,
at all. This prevented us from using any hydraulic systems, on the Machine and rendered equipment inoperable.
We contacted STV Machinery Ltd. for support and the response was instantaneous. We performed few simple diagnostic checks (as directed) and the decision was made to replace Drive Unit with a brand new spare.

The part was supplied, installed, set-up and tested by an Engineer from STV Machinery Ltd. within the pre-agreed
time frame. All this service was supplied to us totally free of charge as the Machine was still under warranty.
Our Yizumi Moulding Machine has been running absolutely faultless, ever since.

I would definitely recommend both: Yizumi Brand and STV Machinery Ltd. Company to anybody looking for a good,
reliable equipment at highly competitive prices and a second to none customer service.

Company InformationHitachi Astemo UK Ltd. is a part of Hitachi Group companies. We specialise in developing and manufacturing advanced mobility solutions for the Automotive Industry. Our Bolton Site has over 20 years of experience and currently supplies Engine Control Units, Airflow Meters and ADAS Autonomous Driving Systems.
8th August 2022
Tomasz Zelawski
Hitachi Astemo UK Ltd

Refurbished Demag Ergotech for an unusual project

We were looking for a quality German injection moulding machine for our unusual project and were recommended to look half way around the world to STV!

Immediately from the first contact with Richard and his support staff, we found STV honest, extremely knowledgeable and fast to reply to our numerous questions and requirements.

We settled on a Demag Ergotech which STV configured to our requirements.
When the machine arrived here in Australia, we were very pleased with the degree of quality and finish that STV had bought to their Refurbishment process. It was exactly everything they said and much more.

In operation, our Demag Ergotech with special requirements had some tricky, challenging and unexpected technical difficulties. However, as complex as these difficulties were, STV did not let us down and were always prompt letting us know they were on the job, what solutions they had, and continued to assist until our project was underway.

We will not hesitate to give STV our first point of call for our next machine.

Company InformationOcean Graphics is a manufactuer of Torches/Flashlights for Underwater Divers, Police, Defence and Technical Users.
24th June 2020
Rodney Beecroft. Moulding Manager.

Yizumi UN260 put to work at Melton Plastics

We’ve have a Yizumi UN260A5 and are very happy with the machine. It was put to work instantly on a large project and has performed well on quality and repeatability since day one. The support from STV machinery has been very good and we would happily consider another Yizumi machine from them.

Company InformationMelton Plastics Ltd specialise in plastic injection moulding, plastic compression moulding and precision engineering. Manufacturing quality plastics products across a variety of demanding industries.
11th September 2019
Jack Murdoch

Excellent Service

Having purchased our 1st Yizumi machine we can confirm that we are extremely happy with, the energy cost saving, efficiency and the quietness have impressed us. When we invest further in plant I am confident that Yizumi will be the natural choice. Service from start of purchase to installation was excellent 5 stars.

Company InformationInjection moulding company with a range of niche products for a variety of industries
29th August 2019
Gill Jakes

We had our Demag refurbished by STV Machinery

STV Machinery recently refurbished our Demag ET800/310 injection moulding machine. We are very satisfied with the work carried out. The machine is now back in full production and there has been no issues. We’re pleased with the refurbishment, it was spot on.  Happy to recommend STV Machinery to others.

Company InformationPiolax manufactures plastic engineered parts for a range of sectors. Automotive, Aerospace, Switchgear and Energy sectors require high quality engineered parts.
29th August 2019
Paul Pickens