New for Old – Scrappage Scheme from STV Machinery

Would you swap an old, unreliable, leaky, noisy, power hungry moulding machine for a modern, quiet, energy efficient replacement at a minimal cost over five years?

The good news is you can.

Read on if you want to know how.

For a limited time, we will offer you 10% of the value of the replacement machine for the old dog that needs to be retired.  This amount will be deducted from the deposit payment. It could even be enough to cover the whole deposit if you went the finance route.

It gets better. Consider the electricity costs of the old machine versus the new machine.  We carried out a controlled experiment comparing a Yizumi 60 tonne servo machine with a 55-tonne variable displacement pump machine. The result was an 80% saving. Want proof?  CLICK HERE

In our experiment the electricity savings per annum based on a typical kW/h rate @ £ 0.15. running just 70 hours per week, 47 weeks per year would be around £ 4,000.00 per year.

Imagine what the saving would be on a 650 tonne!

" Show me the money"

Staying with the 60-tonne example running 70 hours per week for 47 weeks per year.

Cost £ 33,310.00 – 10% deposit £ 3,310.00 – If financed, the old machine takes care of that.

Monthly payment over 5 years approx. £ 600.00 = £ 7, 200.00 per year – Deduct energy savings @ £ 4,000.00 per year. The new machine is costing just £ 68.00 / week or £ 1.03 per hour.


The Small Print

  • The old dog must be capable of a fully automatic cycle
  • The replacement must be within 50% the clamp size of the old dog. For example: Replace a 200T machine with a new machine between 100T – 300T
  • Applies to new machines between 60T to 600T clamp force only.
  • The deposit must be paid with the purchase order, but it is refunded before delivery of the new machine, unless the order is cancelled.