Refurbishment Process

Our refurbishment process

We specialise in the refurbishment of injection moulding machines from 6 – 500 tonne clamp force, plus associated ancillary equipment such as mould heaters, dryers, loaders, robotics, conveyors, chillers etc.

Our refurbished machines undergo a comprehensive repair and testing procedure which ensures they are delivered to you in excellent cosmetic condition but more importantly, functioning correctly without faults.

We have a team of experienced engineers working from our refurbished 12,000 square foot premises in Wellingborough. Depending on the machine size and original condition we spend between 70 – 150 hours on each machine.

Initial clean and test of the main functions

Following a 2500 cycle test run on our purpose built test rig we evaluate the condition of the following:

  • Plasticising and carriage units
  • Clamping system, platen condition, ejector and core circuits
  • Pump (s) / Electric drives
  • Pistons, filters, seals
  • Control system and safety circuits
  • Repairs and cosmetic work carried out

Repairs and cosmetic work carried out

  • Parts which fail our stringent tests are either repaired or replaced
  • Calibration of transducers, temperature controls and pump(s)
  • Replacement of any worn hydraulic parts including hydraulic hose
  • Water circuits are free flowing and leak free
  • Missing guards replaced, damaged guards repaired, damaged windows replaced
  • Poor quality paintwork professionally prepared and re-sprayed
  • Platens cleaned and platen holes checked and if necessary professionally repaired

Re-assembly and testing under production conditions

  • A suitable sized mould is installed and each machine is run for an additional 2500 moulding cycles
  • Any faults or leaks which arise during this phase are corrected and the test restarted
  • Once we are satisfied the machine is fault free and leak free it gets a final clean
  • A comprehensive test sheet is completed and made available to any potential buyer
  • Completed machines are available for demonstration under production conditions

We provide a completely transparent service. Every minute worked and every repair undertaken is logged on our internal system and is available to workshop visitors