Yizumi sprue picker

Versatile pneumatic sprue picker

Sprue pickers are fitted atop of fixed platens and are used to remove the sprue from the mould after each cycle.  This cylinder driven robot has an arm that can turn 90 degrees from left to right, with a gripper attachment.  The robot is great value, compact, easy to install and operate.  

Typically, the picker will rotate to the non-operator side of the machine and drop the sprue into a waiting granulator.  When combined with a granulator, proportioning valve and hopper loader, this can be a straight forward and cost effective closed-loop recycling system.

Things to consider

This sprue picker design typically suits a moulding machine up to 150T.  However, it is crucial to check the robot has sufficient downstroke to reach the centre point of the mould.  Also, the robot needs to have sufficient clearance to be able to swing it’s arm outside of the moulding area to drop the sprue.  You can see the units dimensions below.

The pickers have been designed to operate on EU12 and EU67 interfaces, this will be required for a fuss free installation.

Suitable guarding will be required for the picker to operate safely.  We’re happy to discuss this in further detail as each machine is different.