It’s black and green, weighs more than 23 elephants

It’s black and green, weighs more than 23 elephants

What’s black and green, 6 metres high, 27 metres long, covers an overall area in excess of 3 badminton courts, and has another internal stat that refers to elephants?

We can’t yet reveal the customer who is taking delivery of this huge YIZUMI injection moulding machine and the parts it will be moulding are new to the market. But here are a few details:
The machine, which took 4 months to build, has dual injection units, each with 270mm screws. It has a massive combined shot weight of 147,490g in GPPS. It uses over 8000kN of force just to open the platens, which can open to 4.5m. This is a record for YIZUMI.

The distance between the tie bars is 3.2m.
A single platen weighs 140 tonnes which equates to the average weight of 23 Asian elephants.

On test, huge as it is, the machine still saved more than 30% energy when compared to a traditional toggle lock machine, running on smart servo drive technology. This allows the machine to be in low-power standby mode during the longer cooling time for the larger products it produces.

Compression moulding technology is used, which can effectively reduce the internal stress which ordinarily may be an issue causing deformation of larger sized products.

All the skill which has gone into designing and building this huge injection moulding machine is obviously available throughout the YIZUMI range and we have various models here at STV Machinery, ready and waiting for your inspection. Please contact us to make an appointment to view and test.
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