What finance options are available?

With the ongoing turmoil, finance options are rapidly evolving.  We’ve teamed up with GB Asset Finance Ltd who are experts in their field and have already helped many of customers invest in both new and refurbished machinery.  We’re a UK family owned and run business, we try to stick with what we know and finance is simply not our bag.  We’ve seen with the right guidance, now could be a good opportunity to invest in new equipment.

Support is available via our association with GB Asset Finance Ltd, we will assist all we can in pointing our customers in the right direction so informed decisions can be made.

Considering a new machine can offer a significant saving in energy costs, you might find it pays for itself very quickly.  How quickly?  You can find out more about energy saving potential by clicking here.

Explore the options

Available Yizumi's

Take a look at Yizumi machines in stock with us in the UK and research the entire Yizumi model range.

Refurbished machines

See what refurbished machines are currently in stock and ready to go from our stock.

Finance details

Visit the GB asset finance website to find out more about the finance options and get in touch directly.