FF Series

Synergy of electric and hydraulic drive.

FF Series Overview

The brand new FF range of hybrid machines combines the benefits of electric drive with the practical features of hydraulic operation, resulting in the perfect blend of efficiency and value. The FF series uses servo motors for absolute accuracy with the combination of hydraulic drive for linear movements, like carriage movements and core pull sequences. Optimising the drive type for each movement gives you a more accurate, efficient and repeatable machine.

Machine Images

Why choose Yizumi from STV Machinery?

  • STV specialise in new and used equipment for the plastics industry.  No mould shop means no conflict of interests.
  • Spares are held in the UK, supported by holdings in Germany and France.
  • We feel our support sets us apart from many others; we’ve been fully refurbishing machinery for decades; our experienced in-house team are available if & when they are needed.
  • Don’t take our word for it, come and meet the team and see for yourself.
  • Machines from 60T to 2700T are in production around the UK and Ireland, speak with existing Yizumi owners and find out why they repeat order.
  • Yizumi machines are configured by us to suit UK and EIRE customers; as standard you can expect;
    • High performance servo drives – low power consumption
    • User friendly and renowned Austrian manufactured KEBA 2000 controller
    • T-slot and Euromap fixing hole layout
    • Top quality European sourced major components
    • Industry 4.0 ready machines
    • Double core pull
    • Two air blasts
    • Robot Interface
    • Dosing signal
    • 3 off 3 phase sockets and double UK 13A single phase sockets
    • Tool kit
    • Spares kit
    • Set of mould clamps
  • The FF series machine is just one of the types of injection moulding machine we offer in conjunction with Yizumi.  Other series offered by STV Machinery include;
    • A5 EU series – Our extremely popular servo driven toggle lock machine
    • FE series – An all electric machine, extremely customisable to suit any precise application
    • D1 series – Dual platen machine starting from 500 tonne clamp force
    • DP series – High specification dual platen machine with advanced technology to suit the latest industry technologies

Key features of the FF Series

  • Three servo drives allow multiple parallel movements
  • Servo hydraulics available for double cores, unscrewing, valve gate control, ejector and shut off nozzle
  • Contact free tie bars give improved platen parallelism, reduced energy consumption and a contaminant free moulding area
  • Modular design allows for a large combination of injection units and screws to be chosen for each machine size.  Bespoke customisation of a machine for a particular application is possible.
  • 12-inch colour touchscreen control interface
  • Intelligent mould protection
  • Linear clamp bearings give a cleaner mould area
  • Highly accurate clamp movements with the servo drive control

High standard specification

STV Machinery have worked with Yizumi to customise the FF machines to ensure it’s suitable for highly demanding and medical applications.  The high standard specification includes;

  • Electric Hybrid machine with hydraulic carriage
  • Three servo motors control injection, plasticising, clamping and ejection.  Parallel movements possible.
  • KEBA 2000
  • Hydraulic Double core pull
  • Double air blast
  • Linear bearings on the injection unit and clamp unit give improved alignment, eliminate stiction, reduce lubrication contamination, and offer increased accuracy. 
  • Semi-auto start on flying lead
  • Euromap 67 interface and standard robot mounting holes
  • Choice of change over to holding pressure by position or pressure
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Each machine supplied with small spares package
  • Tool kit to suit machine
  • Automatic mould height adjustment
  • Platen with T-slots, mould mounting holes, and full set of mould clamps
  • Monitored central lubrication system
  • Hydraulic ejector with ejector plate and though holes and quick release coupling
  • Contact free tie bars give improved platen parallelism, reduced energy consumption and a contaminant free moulding area
  • 36-month warranty supported by STV’s in-house engineers

Options to customise to suit the application

In addition to the high specification offered as standard, each FE series machine has a number of available options to tailor the machine to suit individual applications, such as;

  • Bi-metallic plasticising unit (ask us about the grades available to suit your material) 
  • Ejector can be upgraded to electric drive
  • Gas injection interface 
  • Interface for magnetic platens 
  • Interface for mould cavity pressure transducer 
  • Increased maximum mould height option 
  • Injection compression 
  • Shut-off nozzle
  • Infrared heater bands 
  • KEBA controller upgrade options 
  • Turnkey packages including robots & ancillaries 
  • Remote login support for rapid process assistance and fault finding 
  • Integrated hot runner controls 

Technical Information

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