Frequently Asked Questions

We have over 30 years experience buying and selling equipment in the plastics industry.  If equipment is plastics related, we can either help sell it, offer to purchase it outright or refurbish it.  Even if we can’t help directly, we’ll likely know someone else who can.  Our website is our window to the industry and we update it on a daily basis to ensure our stock list reflects what is actually available at any given time. On a typical month the website will attract 10,000 page views which gives STV Machinery the widest possible audience to sell machinery to.

Yi-zoo-me.  Say it again now…

A good question, answered at our ‘About Yizumi’ page.

We work closely with many leading finance brokers, we will be happy to make a recommendation based on your requirements.

The ‘Connect’ area of our website is a completely free classified adverts area for any used plastics related equipment or relevant industry services.

We can’t always purchase equipment directly so this is our way of being able to help move equipment around the industry.

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On the ‘Connect’ area of the website, once a listing has been listed for a certain period of time, it will automatically be removed.  This is to ensure that the stock shown on the website is still available.

As long as it is related to our wonderful industry then it will be allowed.  We’ll be the judge though and each listing is approved before publication.

Our statistical boffins have advised that historically each item sold on STV Machinery took an average of 35 days to sell from the first day it appeared on our web site.

This can depend on numerous factors, condition being one of the most important! We suggest a conversation with one of our team.  Just get in touch via email or phone and let us know how we can help.

This really depends on what item of equipment your contemplating purchasing.  Each piece of equipment should give further information about any guarantee in the listing.

However, as a rough rule of thumb, refurbished moulding machines come with a 6 month guarantee, refurbished ancillaries come with a 30 day return to base warranty and our range of new ancillaries come with a 12 month return to base warranty.  The warranty on Yizumi machines is a bit more in-depth so get in touch to find out more.

This again depends on the piece of equipment being purchased.  Used equipment purchased through our ‘Connect’ service and directly from the seller will typically be full payment up front.

We do require full payment before dispatch of all ancillary items.

Yizumi and refurbished moulding machines can differ due to the values involved, please get in contact to find out more.

You bet!  

We have a new range of ancillaries available and we also refurbish the odd piece of kit which can be found in the refurbished section.

Unfortunately due to recent unsuccesful transactions we are unable to provide invitation letters without a deposit being made on the equipment. Upon inspection, if the equipment is not as specified the deposit can be returned. We are sure you appreciate the administrative time and communication that is involved with the various embassies.

All equipment supplied by STV Machinery is on an ex-works basis.  We’re fortunate enough to trade all over the world so it’s not possible or fair to offer delivered prices.

Any equipment we purchase is often ex-works as well, we’ll most likely give you an offer ‘as is, where is’.

We work closely with several hauliers and would be happy to help with logistics.

Ancillaries are only included if this is stated that they are included.

As a rule of thumb, VAT is not charged for equipment that is invoiced to a non-UK company when it is proven that the equipment has left the country – a Bill of Lading will keep the VAT man happy. Like most government related issues there are numerous rules and regulations designed to be unwittingly broken so you had better read up by visiting http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/detail?type=RESOURCES&itemId=1073790607.

We welcome visitors to our warehouse by appointment.  We often have a lot of equipment available so if we know to expect a visitor, we can be sure to make a particular machine or other equipment available for inspection.

If the item of equipment is being supplied by STV Machinery directly then we demonstrate the equipment in production whenever possible.

If the item is being sold directly by an end user, then you’d have to get in contact with them to confirm.

This would depend on the machine, most sellers can provide a decent amount of service history, generally far more than is available when buying from auction.

Yizumi, refurbished moulding machine, refurbished ancillary equipment or new ancillaries – you deal with STV Machinery directly.

For any equipment listed on ‘Connect’ then you need to “connect” (do you see what we did there) with the seller by using the contact form.

We’re happy to offer unbiased advice and guidance to you, just so long as it’s plastics related. For non-plastics advice why not try www.wikipedia.com.

If it’s a machine supplied by us in one way or another then we’d be delighted to discuss the options.

If we’ve not supplied the equipment then we’re probably not the best people to help.  Why not have a look in the classified adverts section of the site to see if there is someone local to you?

The best place to find a great toolmaker is at www.gtma.co.uk, the UK’s leading trade association representing toolmaking.

We understand that once you have purchased your pride and joy, you want to make sure it arrives home safely and moving industrial equipment is best left to the experts.  We work closely with several hauliers and would be happy to recommend some depending on the circumstances.

Why not have a look at ‘Connect’ to see if anyone is available in your area?

Of course you can, it’s one of our most visited pages and well worth a read.  We recommend kicking back infront of a nice open fire and settling in.  It can be found by clicking here.