DP Series

DP Series

Dual Platen large capacity injection moulding machines from 500t to 4000t clamp force.

1000 tonne DP series

The machine in the video is running with MuCell structural foam technology to produce a lightweight but strong product.  Contact us for more information on structural foam moulding.

Machine Images

Key Standard Features

  • Japanese Yuken dual displacement piston pump with servo drive and servo motor saves between 20% and 60% energy compared to a variable displacement pump
  • User friendly and renowned Austrian manufactured KEBA controller
  • European based design
  • Ceramic heater bands
  • T-slot platens
  • Warranty supported by UK based engineers
  • Modular design allows for application of advanced technologies
  • Available from 500T to 4000T clamp force

DP Series Overview

The DP series from Yizumi is a 3rd generation two-platen machine which has evolved since it’s conception in 1997.  The latest offering of the series has been benchmarked against German technology right through the design process and has focused on reliability, high precision and maximum efficiency.

Each machine can be highly customised to suit the customer’s individual requirements which can help keep running and maintenance costs as low as possible.

Advanced technologies for adding value

The modular design of  DP series from Yizumi along with the high quality standard equipment allows for the machine to be easily coupled with different process solutions.  Yizumi regularly demonstrate the DP series of machines with technologies such as compression moulding (ICM), FoamPro microcellular foam technology (also known as structural foam), precision mould-open technology, secondary mould-close, carbon fibre based composite injection and long glass fibre (LGF).  Multi material injection is also available on this series machine.  It is simple to understand how this extremely versatile machine design has become very popular amongst automotive, household appliances and deep-cavity moulders.

Combined with the advanced KEBA control system, the DP series can make full use of the opportunities presented by industry 4.0.

Additional Information

Yizumi have built in several clever additional features into this series including;

  • Open ejector cylinder design which is maintenance friendly
  • Diagonally located high-speed cylinders for faster mould opening and closing
  • High-rigidity platen
  • Non-contact magnetostrictive sensors used for measuring position
  • Low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor for screw drive
  • Sliding shoes designed specifically to support large moulds with two thirds of the mould weight taken by the moving platen
  • Short stroke high-pressure cylinders offer fast pressure build-up and mould protection
  • Non-contact design between tie bars and movable platen for lower maintenance
  • Large areas of safety foot plates aides access
  • Swivelling injection unit shortens the time spent on plasticising unit maintenance
  • Pump and motor unit can be specified to suit the application if required and can lead to further gains in efficiency
  • Tie bar pulling, magnetic platens and quick mould change systems available as options
  • Optional accumulator assisted injection
  • Specific screws for processing different materials can be specified to suit the application

Technical Information