DCIM – Direct Compounding Injection Moulding from Yizumi

Direct Compounding Injection Moulding from Yizumi

Yizumi have developed this patented DCIM system in cooperation with Exipnos GmbH. The system was demonstrated at K19 making a multi impression bio-degradable cup on a standard Yizumi UN160A5 moulding machine integrated with their compound delivery system (CDS).  This CDS equipment comprises a portable extruder which feeds compounded materials directly into the throat of a standard injection moulding machine plasticising unit.  The extruder screw with an L/D ratio of 32/1, is made up of interchangeable segments to provide optimum mixing performance of the raw materials and additives that are continuously dosed during the process.   Four sizes of CDS are available providing a max throughput range from 20kg / hour – 350kg /hour.  

By combining injection moulding, multi-material gravimetric dosing (with an optional slide feed station for introducing glass fibres and minerals) and compounding, the DCIM technology can significantly reduce the amount of CO₂ emissions.  The technology avoids additional heating and cooling of the polymer, as well as reducing transport costs from the compounding company to the moulding company.  The total energy for this process is approximately 500Wh per kg, saving 264kg of CO₂ per tonne of compounded material.  The system offers additional benefits such as eliminating the need to dry the compounded material again, up to 30% improvement in plasticising performance and the ability to process recycled materials without intermediate steps for the preparation of the material.

The DCIM unit is interfaced to the Yizumi moulding machine controller which means recipes from formulations can be stored and recovered with the mould process data. This makes programming relatively simple.  The unit can be wheeled away from the moulding machine leaving the moulding machine to operate in its standard format.