Chinaplas 2023 & Yizumi factory tour

Richard Perry and Simon Trigwell headed to Shenzhen in April 2023 to have a guided tour of the new high tech Yizumi factory and attend Chinaplas 2023.  The factory and the exhibition are truly impressive.  We’ve put together a quick summary, facts and figures and interesting images to try and give some insight into the Yizumi setup and the exhibition.  Check it out below:

Chinaplas 2023 quick facts:

  • Took place April 17th to 20th April 2023
  • A record breaking 248,222 visitors over the four days
  • 380,000 sqm exhibition area
  • 24 halls
  • 3,900 exhibitors
  • Global representation with 300 delegations, including 40+ overseas associations.
  • Yizumi had four impressive solutions in full production
Chinaplas 2023

Chinaplas 2023 

The four solutions in production at Chinaplas were being manufactured on four different machines;

  • UN260C- BTP manufacturing a medical component
  • UN500D1-E manufacturing car side door panels
  • FF200 manufacturing LED beads
  • PAC250M manufacturing petri dishes

Yizumi Connect 2023

To make the most out of visitors attending Chinaplas, Yizumi also held their own open-house event – Yizumi Connect. 

The event allowed people to see exactly what Yizumi have to offer as well as being a platform for industry experts, leaders and business owners to share their ideas about industry trends and opportunities. 

There were also machines on display to suit multiple sectors including medical, packaging, electronics and automotive.

Yizumi Connect was a huge success with over 2,000 people attending over the 5-day event. 

Yizumi i-Factory

In 2022 the new 178,000m2 futuristic Yizumi manufacturing plant was officially put in to operation.

This new facility will be highly efficient, intelligent and sustainable. 

By integrating both digital and streamlined manufacturing it enables Yizumi to continue with high quality performance and development.

The i-Factory has invested in intelligent central warehouse systems including robotic spray systems, automated logistic systems and production lines for different components and machines.