Chinaplas 2019

Chinaplas 2019 - Quick Facts

The 2019 exhibition took place in Guangzhou, southern China (near Hong Kong).  It’s an annual event that alternates between Guangzhou and Shanghai each year.  This was the first time we’ve been to this particular exhibition and it was certainly an experience;

163,000 people over the four days (yes, that figure is correct!).

Busiest day (Wednesday) saw 61,699 visitors alone.

42,005 visitors were from outside China, STV Machinery personnel met several UK customers on the stand.

250,000 (sqm) of total exhibition area.

3,500 exhibitors.

Along with all the big names, there are plenty of small manufacturers with names we’re not familiar with in the UK.

Yizumi at Chinaplas take the opportunity to demonstrate some of the latest technology available to the plastics industry.  You’ll see some of the most up-to-date technology detailed on this webpage.  It really does set them apart from some of the competition.

The event attracts all types of people from across the plastics world.  There are customers and suppliers with interests in machinery, material, connectivity, transport – the list goes on.  Top level managers as well as machine operators attend the event and it was a great opportunity to discuss varying perspectives.

This years show was heavily focused on Industry 4.0 (the connectivity of systems), so it was really interesting to see what is possible and what is coming in the near future.

Definitely worthwhile.  There were several UK customers who wanted to see the inner workings of Yizumi, so it was great to show them around.  It was extremely beneficial to see the latest industry innovations in operation and to learn about possible applications.  After all, our customers may well want to explore how to improve a process with these latest techniques.

The next Chinaplas is in Shanghai in April 2019.

Yizumi will be at the next Interplas exhibition in 2020.

In the meantime, they’ll be at the upcoming K 2019 show, in Düsseldorf – Germany, as well.

Don’t forget that we always have machinery available for inspection at our showroom as well.

This was my first visit to the Guangzhou event and it was manic. The venue is smaller than Shanghai's exhibition centre which restricts the size of stand the big manufacturers can book. To compensate, Yizumi ran an open house event in their local manufacturing facility which demonstrated 14 complete production cells, it was very impressive. Customers were able to organise complimentary transport to the facility - Yizumi really put on a great show.

Back at the exhibition, Yizumi demonstrated some cutting edge technology on a range of machinery and it was a great opportunity to discuss these advanced applications with customers. Yizumi also had a live demonstration of their industry 4.0 solution which was of personal interest. A great opportunity that I would advise anyone thinking of visiting to take up at least once.

Richard Perry

What did Yizumi display?

Across the Chinaplas exhibition and open house, Yizumi demonstrated a wide range of machinery and applications;

DP Series 500T machine with Space A and ReactPro technology

  • Dual platen machine with smart clamp system
  • ReactPro in-mould polyurethane coating solution
  • Space A technology ‘printing’ a layer of sealing structure
  • PA6 + ABS GF20 + PU material​

UN550C-BTP multi component injection moulding

    • Twin shot machine with rotating platen
    • High quality light cluster component
    • PMMA + PMMA material

PAC200 packaging specification machine

    • Thin wall product with in-mould labelling
    • Switek side entry robot
    • 2.5 second cycle time

FF120 Electric moulding machine

    • Precise medical device produced
    • Incredibily efficient machine with hybrid option
    • SDC servo direct control increases reaction speed, improves accuracy and guarantees stability.

Franka robot

    • Industry 4.0 connected solution for pick-up and detection

Yizumi Open house and factory tour

As well as the impressive factory tour, visitors to Yizumi’s manufacturing facility could see 14 production cells in operation.  A brief introduction to the machines on display is below but the video shows you a bit more about the setup;

  1. UN1000DP – Long fibre direct injection moulding.  DirectPro.
  2. UN1500DP – Microcellular foam injection moulding.  FoamPro.
  3. UN260C-BTP – Multi component moulding solution.  MultiPro.
  4. UN260C-BTP – Multi component moulding solution.  MultiPro.
  5. UN260C-BTP – Multi component moulding solution.  MultiPro.
  6. UN200A5S – Standard A5 with insert moulding.
  7. UN260A5S – Standard A5 producing cosmetic part.

8.  FE120- All electric machine producing PMMA lense.
9.  FE120 – All electric machine with 24 cavity mould.
10.  FE120 – All electric machine producing accurate PMMA part.
11. UN200SKII-V-PET – Specialist PET Preform machine.
12. PAC350K – Thin wall packaging machine with fast cycling. PacPro.
13. PAC450K – 24 + 24 cavities stack mould on a 9 second cycle
14. SpaceA – Additive Manufacturing system


Chinaplas combined with the open house and factory tour was a fascinating insight into the world of Yizumi and a keyhole view of the future in store for this astonishing company.  It really does need to be seen to be believed.  

We hope that with the above introduction, videos and images we’ve given a snapshot view of how Yizumi presents itself on a world stage.  Yizumi are working with advanced technologies on a large scale with a focus firmly on the customer.

You don’t just have to take our word for it, come and see the machinery yourself at our showroom in the UK, inspect machines at our customers or arrange your personal factory tour.  Our UK team are available through the usual channels to give further information on Yizumi, the machinery and technology available.