Chinaplas 2018

Chinaplas 2018 from our perspective

Chinaplas 2018 took place in Shanghai in late April and Yizumi invited agents & customers from all over the world to attend the exhibition.  It was a great event where Yizumi could demonstrate their range of equipment and latest innovations.  From STV Machinery, Richard was despatched to take in the event and fly the flag as UK and Eire agent.  We’ve put together a brief summary of the exhibition and descriptions of what was shown by Yizumi.

The scale of the exhibition is unprecedented and unlike anything I've seen before. It is great to see all of the major manufacturers exhibiting and showing off the latest tech. Yizumi had a very impressive stand and it was certainly well attended over the four days - we had a surprising number of UK visitors.

I learnt an awful lot during my visit and it's encouraging to see such enthusiasm within all sectors of the industry.

What were Yizumi showing?

Yizumi combined demonstrating their machine range with introducing customers to some advanced technology, these included;

  • A5S Series – Popular A5 series machine, 260T machine producing a clear lense
  • DP Series – Dual platen machine, 1000T, showcasing FoamPro + DecoPro
  • PAC Series – Fast cycling 200T with in-mould labelling
  • FF Series – Brand new series of hybrid machine
  • A5C – Twin shot machine based on the A5

A5S Series

This was a 260T machine running a 24 cavity tool for a spray trigger part.  Consistency and repeatability were crucial to the top quality product finish.

The A5S is a machine sold to the domestic market in China and shares many features with the A5 machine we sell in the UK.

DP Series

On demonstration was a 1000 Dual Platen machine with the advanced technology of FoamPro and DecoPro, producing a replica engine cover with decorative inlay.

FoamPro is an advanced technology based on structural foam moulding.  The key benefits over traditional techniques include lighter products, stronger products and faster cycle times.

DecoPro was used in conjunction with FoamPro to provide a decorative inlay which was wood effect for the exhibition.  This was a showcase for what can be achieved with the technology.

PAC Series

These machines are specifically developed to deliver fast cycling times.  One such application is fast food containers which was being shown at the exhibition.

The 200T machine was using a 4 cavity tool with in-mould labelling system on a sub 3 second cycle.  The IML system had less than 1 second to label the parts.

Yizumi partnered with Switek to provide the robot system.  The machine certainly attracted a lot of attention.

FF Series

A brand new hybrid machine which was shown for the first time at Chinaplas 2018 (including to the agents).

We’ll be getting further information on this series of machines very shortly.  It is a machine with both electric and hydraulic elements.  The carriage and ejector are driven by hydraulics.  All other drives are electric.  This design gives the machine great efficiency and keeps production costs low.  A core pull circuit is also now a cost effective option as the hydraulics are already installed.

The machine on show was fitted with an LSR system and automatic packaging system.

More details on this new machine model soon!


Based on the A5 series, the additional ‘C’ stands for ‘component’.  The A5C offers additional injection units for multi-shot applications.  The additional injection unit can be mounted in several different locations. 

The machine on display had a parallel dual injection unit, combined with a rotary platen.  This configuration allowed the machine to produce a twin-material cup with a high quality soft touch finish.  The mugs proved to be very popular as souvenirs – each to their own.

The stats

The exhibition is massive, on a scale that must be one of the biggest such events in the world.  Quick fire facts;

  • 180,000 people attended over the four days
  • The second day alone saw over 64,000 visitors
  • 26% of visitors were from outside of China (about 48,000 people)
  • 340,000 (sqm) of total exhibition area
  • 4,000 exhibitors
  • One of the largest exhibition centres in the world