SLHA – All-in-One Desiccant Dryer

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Machine Information

Category: Dryer – Desiccant
Manufacturer: Smanl
Model: SLHA
Datasheet (PDF): View Here
Viewing: Available to inspect by appointment
Condition: Brand new with guarantee
Lead Time: Immediate

Machine Description

This all-in-one dehumidifier, dryer and loader are combined into one single unit.  Featuring a honeycomb rotor for dehumidifying which ensures a continuous low dewpoint and efficient operation.  Insulated hopper features down blowing and cyclone exhaust design for even dispersion of heat.  Closed loop conveying system to eliminate the possibility for re-absorption.  The dehumidifying section features two condensers to ensure a low return air temperature and dew point.  Equipped with pneumatic shut-off valve, and high efficiency particulate filter.

Model shown, SLH-160L/100.  Different combinations of desiccant unit and hopper capacity are available to suit all requirements, please contact us for further information.

£Depending on specification