EG Low Speed Granulators

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Machine Information

Category: Granulator
Manufacturer: Enmair
Model: EG
Datasheet (PDF): View Here
Viewing: Available to inspect by appointment
Condition: Brand new with guarantee
Lead Time: Immediate

Machine Description


This range of small beside the press low speed granulators are ideally suited to granulate sprues or small components which can be fed by hand or from a picker or robot. The staggered blade design improves granulation efficiency and in the event of blade damage from foreign objects, only the damaged section needs to be replaced or sharpened. For UK models, the blades are made from SKD-11 material which is suitable for granulating glass fibre filled parts. The low rotor speed reduces noise and dust.


The hopper is double skinned to reduce noise levels. Operator safety is provided by fitting a tamper proof microswitch operated by a slow bolt. This ensures the rotor has stopped turning by the time the operator can open the hopper to get access to the cutter chamber. A similar safety circuit is fitted to the removable collection box.


The granulate can be evacuated by either a simple sliding collection box, a collection box for connecting to a hopper loader with a level control paddle inside or a continuously running blower motor and cyclone.


All Enmair products are manufactured to a high standard. European electrical components are used as standard. The owner’s manual is concise and contains all operating, maintenance, and spare parts information.

£- Depending on specification