About Yizumi

Yizumi Quick Facts

  • More than 2,500 employees

  • Occupies a land area of nearly 300000 sq.m

  • 6 Major commercial divisions

  • More than 130 patented technologies

  • Present in more than 60 countries and regions

  • 30+ Overseas agents

  • Launched a successful IPO in 2015 on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Yizumi Company Information

Yizumi Global Headquarters
Yizumi Global Headquarters

We work with Yizumi to offer their range of machinery in the UK. Yizumi are new to the UK but have been established since 2002 and have grown rapidly, they were the first moulding equipment manufacturer to be listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange.

The company stats are pretty mind boggling by European standards, three production sites totalling 195,000 sqm producing 7000 machines a year. Several of our team have been to inspect the production facilities and they are of top quality, using the latest equipment. If you’re so inclined, you can even see some of the images we took ourselves, click here.

Yizumi also have video tours of their production facilities available which can be accessed here.

Technology showcase conferences are held by Yizumi on alternate years, further details of the technology display and the event can be seen here.

Yizumi Global

Since the company’s inception, structured expansion has been of the highest importance.

Today, Yizumi has facilities throughout the world ensuring that each customer benefits from a rapidly expanding servicing, parts and knowledge network. Yizumi have a target of increasing annual overseas sales by an average of 25%, we’re pleased to be able to support this effort.

STV Machinery is the first point of contact for any service requests in the UK and our in-house engineering team are available to offer immediate advice if required, but it’s nice to know there is an entire support structure if required.

International websites (English language) for further information;

Yizumi global webpage – www.yizumi.com

Yizumi USA – www.yizumi-hpm.com/

Yizumi Germany (stocking machines for the UK as well) – www.yizumi-germany.de/en/

Yizumi Australia – www.pbe-roboplas.com.au

Virtual tour of the Wusha production facility

Yizumi Introductory Video

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Yizumi Global Sales Network

Additional Information

Further information on Yizumi is available from our downloadable publication here

Yizumi Trivia

Yizumi is a Japanese word that means ‘spring’

Each staff member of Yizumi is called ‘Yi Ge’

KEBA Controlled

Yizumi machines are supplied with the world renowned KEBA control system

KEBA Control Systems