A5 EU & A5 comparison

A5-EU Series Comparison to previous A5 Series

Yizumi have continued to make big efforts in partnering with us and our German counterparts to produce a machine with typical European characteristics and specification.  This balance of value and performance is the blueprint for the A5-EU series.

In the past, we’ve often compared unfavourably on tie bar spacing against European manufacturers (especially those in Germany).  With the A5-EU, Yizumi took the decision to address this issue while keeping the basis of the big selling A5 series.  It’s an evolution rather than an revolution in machine design.  The new series offers extremely attractive tie bar spacing per tonnage clamp and brings the Yizumi machines much closer in comparison to European machines than other Chinese manufacturers.

Along with this major upgrade, the series is now also available with a greater choice of injection units per size of machine.  This gives us greater versatility when it comes to specifying machines for particular projects.  The machines are still fully configured by STV Machinery with our added (but standard) options giving a very high specification ‘out of the box’.

These updates have been applied while the price has actually been made fractionally cheaper.  Please review some of our comparison images below which show that from out the outside, very little has changed

Yizumi A5 walkaround video

Machine Images

Why choose Yizumi from STV Machinery?

  • We’ve been fully refurbishing machinery for decades; our experienced in-house team are available if & when they are needed.
  • We specialise in new and used equipment for the plastics industry.  No mould shop means no conflict of interests.
  • Spares are held in the UK, supported by holdings in Germany and France.
  • We feel our support sets us apart from many others.  Don’t take our word for it, come and meet the team and see for yourself.
  • Machines from 60T to 2700T are in production around the UK and Ireland, we encourage those new to STV Machinery and Yizumi to speak directly with existing owners.
  • The machinery is fully configured for our UK and EIRE customers, and as standard you can expect;
    • High performance servo driven pump system – low power consumption
    • User friendly and renowned Austrian manufactured KEBA 1075 controller
    • T-slot and Euromap fixing hole layout
    • Top quality European sourced major components
    • Industry 4.0 ready machines

Key features of the Yizumi A5-EU at a glance

Packed with features that some manufacturers put on their ‘options’ list.

  • European components throughout.  Familiar names from familiar suppliers
  • Microprocessor control of oil & barrel temperature.  Precise temperature control allows for accurate repeatability of the process. 
  • Automatic clamp force for easier machine setting, reducing time spent on mould changing
  • Independent cycle start button for semi-auto operation, relocatable to suit the operator
  • Servo driven hydraulics for maximum energy efficiency
  • Double core pull
  • Euromap 67 robot interface
  • Optional increase in clamp force available
  • Dosing signal available
  • Linear bearings on injection unit reduces energy usage and improves accuracy (alignment & positioning)
  • Ejector safety circuit for tool protection
  • Extensive warranty supported by our own engineers based out of our Northants workshop

Standard specification in detail on all Yizumi's A5-EU's

STV Machinery have worked with Yizumi to customise UK and Ireland bound A5-EU machines for domestic customers, each machine has a high specification to include;

  • World famous Austrian made KEBA 1075 Microprocessor controller with colour screen
  • Control of oil temperature from the Keba controller
  • Control of barrel throat temperature via the Keba controller
  • Injection hold changeover by time, distance or pressure
  • Min/max mould height with limit switch
  • Semi-auto start button on a flying lead with magnetic base
  • European linear transducers for ejector, clamp, carriage, injection movements
  • European seals
  • European hydraulic valves
  • European switchgear
  • Dosing signal now included as standard
  • Back pressure controlled by proportional valve
  • Water manifold with 6 circuits
  • 2 x air-blast circuits with pneumatic valves fitted
  • One button automatic mould height adjustment
  • Automatic clamping force adjustment via hydraulic gear and ring
  • Automatic centralised lubrication system
  • Platens with Tee slots and mould mounting holes
  • Double core pull, configurable to suit i.e. unscrewing
  • Pre-drilled robot mounting holes per Euromap standard
  • Euromap 67 robot interface with standard robot fixing mounts
  • Ejector safety circuit
  • Oil preheating circuit
  • Servo motor energy saving pump system
  • 3 x 3 phase + 1 x single phase sockets
  • CE certification
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Tool kit
  • Mould clamps
  • Spares package
  • 3 auxiliary 3 phase sockets