STV Machinery welcomes Steve Lacey

STV Machinery welcomes Steve Lacey

STV has been selling top quality refurbished injection moulding machines for 20 years without the need for anyone to actively sell them.  If a potential customer likes what they see on our website, they come to us to see the machine in the flesh. We don’t sell refurbished machines; our customers buy them.  

Since we became the UK distributor for Yizumi, there has had to be a different approach. Our new machines sales in the last 2.5 years have exceeded all expectations and we want to capitalise on this by having a full-time experienced person in the field dedicated to growing our market share.  

” Steve was an obvious choice and we are delighted to have been able to attract a person with his industry knowledge, technical expertise and no BS approach to sales. ” – Karl Perry, Director    

Find about more about Steve Lacey with our Q & A

How did your career in plastics start?

 I was a Raleigh Apprentice, moving into engineering test and development, then production engineering, and project
engineering, before moving into sales of injection moulding machinery in 1989 (yes I am a fossil).

Tell us about your history with STV?

 I first worked for Karl Perry when he owned Spaceminster, selling Boy machines for him for 9 years, before moving onto Demag, then becoming a partner in STV in 2004. Later I ran Hallam Plastics for 7 years, before moving to Negri Bossi, then returning to work for Karl and Richard (who I first met when I gave Karl a lift to collect him on the school run!). It’s a nice feeling being back working with Karl and Richard; no nonsense, customer service, honesty and  response first and foremost. What more do you need?

What do you think of the Yizumi Injection Moulding Machines?

 In my opinion, Yizumi machines have made a strong mark in the UK market, which I have seen as a competitor; Asian
machinery took an increasingly large slice of the UK market 3 or 4 years ago; build quality and all the included extras that European suppliers charge extra for adding to the attraction, and the type of company now buying them demonstrates this. I really liked the Yizumi offering and reading the RJG analysis was the confirmation that anyone needed that they can compare to the best from Europe in terms of repeatability and process control. 

How has the plastics industry changed over your career to date?

 From black and white to full colour..joking apart, product application and quality has changed the industry most, long gone are the majority of ‘cheap and cheerful’ plastic parts, the industry has matured and quality plastic components have become an intrinsic part of just about every part of modern life, from domestic appliances, to cars, aircraft, medical treatment etc. the list is endless.

What’s your opinion on the “Blue Planet” effect on the plastic industry?

 There has been a negative backlash for sure, but the reality of the plastic waste you see in our oceans has been thrown as litter by the very people who are now waving the Blue Planet flag; Joe and Jane public. Drive along any road and look at the rubbish in the verges; the same rubbish blows into streams and rivers and into the sea. Now just imagine if that plastic bottle you see on the beach was glass and broken. Plastic has real value, but like anything, mis use creates problems. But there is a huge opportunity waiting for somebody who can come up with a system for  skimming floating waste and recycling it; just needs imagination and government support to make it happen; all we need is for world politicians to work together……..

What are your thoughts on Brexit and its effect on the plastic industry?

 The delay in implementing the referendum has certainly had a negative impact, both on our industry, and commerce in general; like most people, I’ll be glad when the uncertainty has gone and normal service can continue!

Will we see you at any future exhibitions?

 Try and stop me 😊. I’ll be at Interplas 2020 (stand GG10) 29th September – 1st October. See you there.

 Just for fun

1.      Your choice of Superpower and why? To be able to fly, who wouldn’t?

2.      Are you left handed or right handed? Ambidextrous

3.      What’s your favourite song? So many songs but if I had to choose surely the most amazing instrument is the human voice, and blood harmony the best of that; so ‘In My Room’ would be the choice I think

4.      What accomplishment are you most proud of? My daughter Kate, managing to stay out of jail, and not killing myself motorcycling, driving, cycling, paragliding, climbing…

5.      Sweet or Savoury? Savoury please

For more information about STV Machinery, or Yizumi Injection Moulding Machines, please go to

Email: [email protected]

Call: +44 (0)1933 272747

Grab a Yizumi Two Platen 500 Tonne Bargain

At STV Machinery, we test all new models before offering them to the UK market.

We’ve done that, they’re great and now we are ready to sell the test machine.

This fantastic price includes UK mainland delivery and siting, commissioning, training and the standard two-year guarantee.

One machine only at a significant saving!

The D1 series is a two-platen machine offering high efficiency, precision and reliability. This design of machine offers large tie bar spacing in a compact footprint with fast cycle times.

Please contact us if you’d like to know more or would like to view the machine in operation before we bring it back into our workshop where it will be made “as new” once more.

Email us at: [email protected] or speak with a member of the team on 01933 272747

  • 500t clamp force
  • 76mm screw diameter
  • 1377 (PS) (g) maximum shot weight
  • 1270 x 1260 mm platen size
  • 910 x 830 distance between tie bars
  • Austrian KEBA 2000 controller
  • European servo drive motor
  •  High rigidity clamping unit
  • Rexroth dual proportional valves
  • Tie bars independent of platens
  • Small footprint in comparison to a three platen machine
  • Dry cycle times faster than toggle lock machines