Injection Moulding Machines Don’t Bounce

Injection Moulding Machines Don’t Bounce

When one of our clients suffered a most unfortunate roll over during the off-loading of a newly refurbished injection moulding machine at their premises, we were able to save the day.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to suffer a similar calamity you’ll know that when an injection moulding machine drops it doesn’t bounce.

The damage was considerable and particularly galling as it was being returned to production in a totally restored condition after its refurb.

But thanks to the skills of our hugely experienced team, all was not lost. We were able to:

  • Completely re-make the main clamp guard
  • Remake the guard over the fixed platen
  • Sourced and fitted a used replacement Procan controller
  • Replace the clamp guard locking mechanism with a quality used replacement part
  • Rework the panels of the electrical control cabinet which were damaged
  • Replace a number of brackets, lugs, switches and knobs
  • Provide a replacement ventilation cover
  • Supply a replacement used floppy drive unit
  • We also were able to grind off the bent cabinet support & re-weld to the frame

Clearly, our experience in the refurbishment of injection moulding machines meant that not only did we have the skills to assist our customer, but we also had the used spares to facilitate the repair.

Don’t wait for a situation like this to test our ability, why not talk to us now about how we could refurbish your old injection moulding machine.